Tuesday, 14 August 2012

nak bermang-lish la hari ni. ><
sayang sangat-sangat dengan nombor-nombor kat atas tu..
bagi yang boleh translate nombor tu, taniah! ..
dalam persahabatan ni perkataan sabar tu penting sangat.
biasalah, sakit hati, sedih, rasa menyampah, annoying..hahhaa
lame2 yang annoying tu lha.. yang akn kte slalu cari. kan?
memang pon! ><

sabar tu penting. tolak ansur pon penting dalam persahabatan..
kite kna slalu amal tau..

tau tak kenapa?
sebab. nanti lau kte susah. ade problems ke, nak mnta tolong k
dorang la yang tolong kte.. secara ikhlas..
itula gunanye sahabat sejati

lau "sahabat" tu takde ,time kte mnta tolong, think tve. it doesn't mean that they're not our bestie anymore
bagi mereka masa. mungkin dorang sibuk kot...
think positive,

"kalau anda nak menjadi penyejuk hati suami anda, first, kenala jadi penyejuk hati keluarga dan sahabat anda dulu" Fatimah Syarha.
mesti smua gadis2 comey lotey kat luar tu nak jadi penyejuk mata husband dorang.. kan..

onyonyonyonyonyo.. comeyy

dear sahabat, for you.. :))) muah3 <3


Monday, 6 August 2012

how muslims CONTRIBUTE to the world

assalamualaikum  and hi!!
FYI, i stayed at home during the holiday of Nuzul Al-Quran.. just 4 of my room mate and i. 
in that biiiiiiiiiiiig house..  nghehehe :)
but i kind of get use with it.. 
(so, sayee tak kesaaa sgt... tapi lau teringat rumah kat kg tu mmg kesah. kesah sangat..!! rindu mayahabeyadekkk!!)
ok, stop nilan.. back to the TOPIC! yeah..
i'm so bored at home, since i'm too lazy to read books, novels or other reading materials.. i watch a video on youtube. i want to spend this weekend wisely. then, i remember  on this video-> click this link if u want to watch it!! :)  the duration of it is for about 2 hours.. if you want to save your 2 hours time.. u can read my summary on it.. hehehe
so, enjoy dear :)

1.The quality of a muslim is more important rather than the number of muslims.
2.do what is right and prevent what is wrong.
3.come back to AL QURAN. AL QURAN is the way of life.
4.everything must worship ALLAH.
5.we av d responsibitity in this topic.do ur responsibilty and let ALLAH decide on him/her.
6.Rasulullah is a living AL QURAN
7.relationship with ALLAH is like a love story. not based on halal haram.
8.Rasulullah always said ALLAH is close to our intentions, not in our sins .
9.Be in touch with ALLAH always.
10.Rasulullah is our mercy. he is welcoming.
11.must love ALLAH.
12.always gives salam. to a mosque. house.(for d invisible)
13.why do we follow RASULULLAH?->he's the model,he help us to get to ALLAH.
14.only ONE god= ALLAH.
15.r/ship with ALLAH is communicate with ALLAH.
16.make ALLAH loves u.

           [do what u said]
           RASULULLAH= sodiqulamin. (truthful.trustful) [d qualities consistent]
           happy with what u're not doing= hipocracy
           struggling against your contradictions= sincerity.

1.convert/change the way u look at things.
  *look at nature. convert d way u look at things.thank ALLAH (the starting point)
     nature as a gift to us ok. say thank you! ALHAMDULILLAH :)
  *the way u look at d world is like mirror.
  *if ure neglecting your nature, you're neglecting you're heart.
  *look at d ordinary. change the way you look at poor people.
  *the way you're loved by d poor. is the sign you're loved by ALLAH.
2.understanding with your heart.
  *not with ur mind= it will turn to arrogance
  *be close, respect,love  with ur parents.family
  *appreciate ur family. take care of ur own family.
  *protect women.
  *rasulullah was fragile.he himself, asking for help from his wife khadijah. when he is in problem.
   *another name of AL QURAN= az zikr, an nur,
   *Bilal-a black muslim.=asian must remember it's about taqwa that we're talking not about our skin colour.
   *the limit of our rationality= we heard n we obey on ALLAH.
3.behave accordingly
  *follow d massenger
  *trust,love ALLAH. everything happen is a rahmah. not a condemnation
  *islam is not about being harsh but it is about being right.
  *what is right= islamic. what is wrong= not islamic. but sometimes others do right.
     so we can take the right things from others.
  *islam make things easy to everyone.
  *you must rely on AL QURAN n SUNNAH.
  *follows rasulullah's akhlak.
  *4 important qualities-->1.confidence.(don't doubt on Allah's power)
                                      2.trust. (in communities)
                                      4.courage. the best jihad is by telling the truth.

4.connect. tauhid.
  *all f us is just d same. we come from the same god(ALLAH).
  *islam is preparing yourself for the hereafter.
  *you must celebrate this life with d right principle.
  *never think that your body, the earth is yours. you r here to come back to ALLAH. 
   ONE DAY U WILL  DIE.remember! if u want to have good life with ALLAH never forget that u will die.
 *education is essential!we educate our school is to stress on meaning. 
 * the deep understanding: fiqh
 *protect education with knowledge.
 *edu. is not about ignoring it. it's about talking about it.
 *muslim must not distinguishing between muslim n non-muslim. when d people are victim 
    they are still  victim! we are on d side of d poor.
 *from annisa'-> when a jew is innocent, his innocent. when a muslim is guilty, his guilty.

  *aware of global warming.don't make animal suffer!
  *care about nature.
  *global warming-> it is not our property. we must take good care of it.
  *don't make waste! when eating.
  *take ur time when eat. to eat fast is not meaning to eat well.
  *respect what is given to us.
  *fasting is to make the world aware!
  *don't eating to much during ramadhan
  *eat less. think more!

   *music is halal. if it is not melalaikan.
   *creativity. it is not just in song. show ur creativity in others! be imaginative!
   *culture is essential! because it makes us feel good.
  *to feel good is halal.
  *make art as a contribution to the world!

  1.don't nurture the victim mentality.
  2.if ure facing problem.remember!-> if u ask urself. is it god loving me?= then u'll know that there is
     still love between u n ALLAH.
  3.if you're aware with something bad then you're not far with something good.
  4.rasulullah said-> if u r asking d question, it means ALLAH is within the question. (based on no.2)
  5.learn to forgive yourself.
  6.when "doa" start it with yourself. then others.
  7.ALLAH will accept your taubah if you're sincere.
  8.when u meet people that is non-muslim. just welcoming d question before making any judgement.
  9.don't forget. take good care of yourself. take time for your heart, mind, and body,
  10.spread the love in your community.
  11.love needs repetition.

i think that's all for me..
ringan-ringankan lah tangan anda ye dgn tambah point-point saye tu yee. 
i'm still learning. . .
dadadaaaaa :))

beetles AND roses.

 assalamualaikum and hi!
this is the summary of what had been talked by brother aiman azlan and and sister wardina during an event    of  beetles and roses at taylor's university.
i'm thankful to ALLAH because that event have been recorded and posted on youtube.
even though i can't  join the event , watching the video is such a happy thing for me.
thank you :)
so, enjoy reading yaa! :))

1.communicate only when there's something urgent (studies)
2.always listen to your heart( it can detect the sin, and beware of your mind)

b.HOW TO LOVE?(sister Wardina)
1.meet a stranger
2.standing to each other and talking about yourself with that stranger.
3.staring each other for 4 min.
4.get attracted with each other.
5.fall in love
6.get married.
take note! when u fall in love. ask yourself. are u fall in love or is it just lust?
think about it.

c.IS DATING HALAL?(brother Aiman Azlan)
1.halal... if you're married :)
2.be romantic with your husband n wife
3romantic scene of Rasulullah:
  Rasulullah love Aisyah just like a knot on a rope. then Aisyah ask. how is the knot now? just like before :)
 Aisyah's necklace lost in desert n Rasulullah ask the entire army to look for it. to prove his love to his wife when Aisyah is in her period, she drank water n Rasullullah drank the same place of the glass(at aisyah's lips)
4.attach ur love to ALLAH SWT. .
5.that love is true if it brings you close to ALLAH.
6.the end of your marriAge: go to jannah! <3
7.if u want to love someone, think is it ALLAH please with your action?. think. think.think.
8.love is not madness! love is not addiction!
9.seek the love from ALLAH.
10.sign of marriage: its point u to ALLAH SWT. if not. think. am i doing it right?

1.love start with communication
2.back to reality. if u love someone . love her/him because of ALLAH SWT.
3.be realistic.after married everything is just about responsibility.
4.when u fall in love. you'll never realize the bad of him/her
5.before getting married, u must know what are the characteristics of your spouse.
6.love ALLAH first before loving ALLAH'S slave.
7.statistic shows that love before  marriage will not last longer.
8.must compatible with each other (husband&wife)

1.say no to islamic couple. (syaitan itu licik. dy gna muka islamic to approve love before marriage)
2.jgn tpdaya dgn bnyi2 islamik. THINK ISLAMIC.
3.if u want to get married. u must serious.know ur aim!
4.if u want it. show your effort! (in a positive way)
5.maturity depends on your experience
6.are u ready? if yes? just go with it. ALLAH will complete it for u
7.choose a spouse for your children not for yourself. (think beyond yourself)
8.parenting start before marriage n d first children that you'll raise is yourself!
9.marriage is your investment to go to JANNAH.
10.marriage is between 2 families.
11.go get married but please READY for it.

1.three important things-know how to get the conscious of love (emotional intelligence)
                                   - success in love depends on how u regulate(kawal) your love.
                                   - love for finding the overall happiness.
2.find your motivation.
3.before loving anyone else love yourself first. (LOVE ALLAH FIRST THEN YOURSELF)

brother Aiman Azlan :marriage is a beautiful thing.
                                 it is so beautiful till i myself,don't want to have a girl friend.
                                 xsiapa tau jodoh kita. hanya ALLAH SWT.
                                be active! islam is a proactive religiOns.

 sister Wardina   :dont ruin ur life for bad love,
                         if u have d feeling.and you're not ready yet. keep it to yourself.
.                         if there is jodoh just get married.
                          tahan hawa nafsu dengan takuti kebesaran ALLAH SWT.

ok that's all from me.
if there is any mistakes. correct it for me ok..
just want to share it with you guys