Wednesday, 25 April 2012

dedicated to pn marjan bt elias :)

dear pn marjan
i want to thank you a lot for giving me and other students of Kirkby International College such a beautiful, amazing, lovely assignments

that is making

 b.l.o.g ---------->
i know that maybe there are a lot of students out there are jealous with this kind of assignment. .
sorry to let you down..
just want to say thank you . and i have just  a little request..
could you cook something and bring it to our class and we enjoy it togethergether?

hehehe just kidding.. just kidding.. . . (but you still can bring it if you want to) hehehe
ok that's all for now
thank you pn marjan . .  :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

my hobbies

hi there :)

From my own dictionary. . i think that  hobby is an activity that we do during our leisure time and it can make ourselves satisfied with it. so, when i ask myself. what are my hobbies? i answered that i love to listen to song and it does makes me happy, i also enjoy singing,

 i love drawing especially cartoon and sometimes anime. next i also love eating

 especially junk food. . well it's delicious, and i can't stop myself from eating it. hehehe :) okay. where am i?
hahaha sorry. .  back to my hobbies. . okay. and i have this one activity that i love most.  
writing diary. :) 

in my diary i write everything that i like by using my own code writing. . it does make me satisfied and sometimes it release my stress.

moreover, in my diary. i also draw cartoon, keeps everything that i think it is valuable for me included the plastic of candies & cadbury. .   love cadbury so much much much much!!!

now, my Diary looks like scrapbook and the best part is. no one understands the writing. . .in it yeah!

just a song to share with all of you :)

to conclude,
sometimes our hobbies are the best way of us in expressing our emotion. .
do appreciate it 
dadadadadadadadaaaa :)

fried mushrooms

assalamualaikum lovely readers..

i really want to go home. and the first food that i want to eat is. the fried mushroom
it is super deliciousss

how to make  fried mushrooms?

the ingredients:

200 gm of wash and clean the oyster mushrooms. torn two if the size is large.
3 tablespoon of flour
1 tablespoons of goreng pisang Adabi flour
1 tablespoons of rice flour
a few of salt
1 teaspoon of sesame

1.put all of the ingredients into a bowl.add some water and mix it well.if possible make sure that the flour is a little bit thick so that it can stick well with the mushrooms.

2. heat the oil to fry it. dip the mushrooms into the flour and fry it until it turns to brown in colour. after that, drained the mushrooms on the tissue before serving it with dipping sauce.

as a result----------->

dipping sauce:

4 tablespoons of chilli sauce
1 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoons of water
dip it in the sauce and enjoy! :)

dadadadadadaaaaaaaadadaaa :)

nasi lalap ngehehe :))

hi there 
my favourite food that i really want to eat is . .Nasi Lalap. .
it had been such a long time that i did not eat this food. .it's delicious. truly delicious. . yum yum yum.
before that take a look at this picture of 
nasi lalap. .yeahh!!!

 to make NASI LALAP, we just need three separate ingredients that is ingredients A, ingredients B and ingredients C for the chicken, sambal and also the vegetables

                                                   ingredients A (chicken)                                       
chicken drumstick
turmeric powder ( ½ teaspoons)
curry powder ( ½ teaspoons)
salt ( ¼ teaspoons)
the seasoning (Ajinomoto) (just a pinch)
egg (single )
cornflour ( 2 tablespoons)
kentucky flour (3-4 tablespoons)
how to cook it?
mix all of the ingredients together. heat the oil. and FRY !!!
So easssy

                                              ingredients B (sambal)                                                 
a few of basil leaf
Tomatoes (3-4 biji) fried it first
nutmeg ( ½)
shrimp paste ( ½ teaspoons)
garlic (1thinly sliced) 
red onoions (1 biji)thinly sliced
lagre onions ( ½  biji) sliced
tamarind juice
salt, ajinomoto, sugar
Cilipadi 10-12  (as you wish dear)

how to cook it?

  • pound the chillies with the salts, ajinomoto, sugar, nutmeg, and shrimp paste. then mashed it with fried tomatoes
  • heat the oil. then saute the red onions, garlics, and the large onions until it smells good. after that you can mix it with the pounded ingredients and stir.
  • pour in the tamarind juice. once it cooked, place it in a bowl and add a few of of basil leaves and mix it well.

                                       ingredients C (vegetables)                                            
a few of cabbages and  long beans (boiled)

to conclude, 
 eat the chicken, sambal, and vegetables with the white rice
 it will be so NICE. if you eat it while it is still HOT!!
hehehe ok that's all for now. . as usual. enjoy the photo. yeah!!

for more information. just click on this link -->
dadadadadadadadaaaaaa :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

cute little things.. :)

aloha! haluu, helo.. ollo! :)

there is one cute little things that could really make my day. . and i just love to see it. it really attract me. . and sometimes it does distract me. . but it does make me happy. . cause it is toooooo ccuuuuuteeeee! yeahh!

 (AFRO)  well it's cute right. .
There are  lot of type of afro hairstyle and for your information, 
there is also the other types of afro called as jewfro .this kind of 
hairstyle usually worn by Ashkenazi for example  --------------------->

since that, currently i'm studying at KIC in Cyberjaya, there are a lot of foreigners that live here, so i keep bumping with those "afro guy". . hahahaha i just don't know how to say this . .  it's too cute. too cute.. tooo cuuuteeee....
(i mean their hair) hahaha it's unique and cool. .especially if it is worn by a guy. . . .
but it doesn't mean i'll fall in love with them hahaha no no no. .  >,- (maybe) hahaha
 just kidding just kidding. . .


 well, this video maybe out of the topic,. but i just want to share it with you. hahhaa enjoy!! :):)
thats all ok


Saturday, 21 April 2012

my bestfriends at KIRKBY dear :)

assalamualaikum <3
hey. it's me nilan. i just want to tell you about my life with my lovely friend in KIRKBY. . especially with my bestFRIEND
  1. my roomMate . her name is Siti Hajar Binti Hassan, i call her haJOE . . from terengganu, cute, beautiful girl, caring, she loves songs, happygolucky, independent, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and BEAUTIFUL. . YEAH!!

hajoe made this one. thank you hajoe . .  hehe :)
a real friend is hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to leave right! :)
this is our room 
isn't it cuuuuuteeeeee yea!!~

2. next, my bestfriend. . syumeylaaaa. . her name is Syumailah Danh Sapry,from Kelantan . i call her, syu, syu-mai-la, meksyu,mektok, and others. . she is hyperactive, sometimes overEnergetic or maybe ALWAYS hahaha. she loves cat, (me also), she is kind, cute, cute, cute and . . . cute. >,-

a real friends always going to be by your sides, even at times you tell them to leave :)

3. after that,my dearest Orangtue :) (don't be mad dear, or else your face will full of wrinkles) hehehe :), her full name is Arisah Aris, she is from Kelantan also, she is older than me :). . we're classmates. she is TALKATIVE, because in a day she just keep talking, talking, talking and talllkiiinnggg! hahaha . . but it's okay, i already get used of it hehe. . <3 u  >,-

friends are like walls, sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes its just enough to know they're there :)

lastly, there are some picture of my HouseMATE and Classmates yeeeha! enjoyyy

sayaaanng kamu :)


assalamualaikum kawankawan
Cadbury is awesome!!
It’s truly delicious. . yum yum yum
My favourite chocolate is Cadbury.  There are a lot of type of Cadbury for example, Cadbury milk, nuts, fruit & nuts, Cadbury bournville and others. For Cadbury bournville, there are different types also. .
For instance there are Rich Cocoa, Hazelnut, and Raisin & Nut.
Before that, let me tell you more about Chocolate, maybe just a little facts about the HIsTory of Chocolate. Yeah!

A very long time ago.  Cocoa trees grew wild in the jungle, and they used them to make a spicy, rather bitter drink for special occasions.
Gradually chocolate spread across Europe – it was the fashionable choice of Kings and Queens, the nobility and the rich.
 At the end of the 19th Century milk was added, and at last someone devised a way of making chocolate to eat as well as to drink.
So chocolate has been on an epic journey, but its popularity is enduring ok. .  hehe
How they make Cadbury??

Cadbury get their cocoa from Ghana in West Africa, where the main harvesting period is October to December.
When they’re ripe, the cocoa pods turn a rich golden colour. They’re cut down from the trees and split open, and the pulp and beans are removed from the outside husk.
The chocolate bean will be transported to the world’s most modern factories at 
chirk in north west.

First, the bean will be cleaned from any dust & stones.
Then, the bean will be roasted in the continuous roaster. And you can really smell the chocolate. .huh! heaven  ok!! :)
The roasted bean will be broken into small pieces  and only the nibs are left(the centre of the bean)
The nibs are ground between steel rollers until they become a chocolate-coloured liquid, rather like thick cream, over half of which is cocoa butter. Yummy!

The liquid is called ‘mass’ or ‘cocoa liquor’ and this is the basic ingredient for all cocoa and chocolate products.. . so ENJOY this video dear! :)
before that . my favourite is CADBURY FRUIT & NUTS . YEAH!!
dadadaaadadaa >.-

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

kikbytes EVENTS!!

it's all about kirkby. .
well, there are a lot of activities and events that have been held in here
first, just take a look at my college. . KIRKBY :)

for your information. . kirkby is a college for future teacher . . EsPEciaLLy ENGLISH TEACHER yeah!!

this picture
was taken during our

the best event that held in KIC is Merdeka Raya. . It's AWESOME ok . .
we're singing, performing, dancing, rapping, and many more. .
enjoy the photo! dear :))

to conclude. .
do enjoy the little things in your life . . because,
for one day, you'll look back and you'll realize that they were
the BIG things .. . . .  
S.M.I.L.E    D.E.A.R   :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

favourite yeeha!!

assalamualaikum . . cutey girl & semboy out there :))
haluuuuu again
my favourite artist will be JoZan. .  as you know i'm not their fanatic fan. . .
i just love the way they are . . yeeeha!!
look at them. . sooooooo cute :)
next.  will be the singer. . we'll start with malaysian singer. .
  1. faizal tahir wwwoooow!  hehe hmmm muahahahaha aaaarhghhhhhh. .  once again , i'm not his fanatic fan. i just love the way he performs. .  . full of confidence . .  :)))))))))))))))))))
  2. yuna zaraiiii. . .  her songs are awesome!!!
  3.  HUJAN!!! cool. . . DEAR. !

this is Christopher Drew . . the singer of NeverShoutNever
my fav songs will be:
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
I Love You Five   

lastly, just enjoy this song. . .  from SPIDER. . . RELAKU PUJUK . aaawwww sweeeetttt :)
k. lha. .