Monday, 15 October 2012

HHH~ a contribution to my beloved

assalamualaikum and hi!
with my dearest classmates (shellians)

good evening everyone <3
well, at the beginning of this month, i have joined a programme called Futsal Fiesta that held by kirbytes in order to accomplished our last assignment in co-curricular subject.

the best part is, i don't have to join the match because i have been appointed to be the treasurer. good for me, because i'm such a loser in sport. hahaha~

unfortunately, i need to make other works that is much more complicated than playing in that match as a futsal player... so many works to do.. calculated these and that.. so many numbers. and i cannot stand with numbers.. arghhh..

yeah! serves me right!...

at the end of that programme i do obtain many benefits as
: i learnt how to make a formal letter to request funding for that programme
: i learnt the management of the flow of the programme.
:many more ngehehe~

ok.. now back to the main topic..

HHH~ a contribution to my beloved

well, this is my jersey for my futsal team. SHELLIANS~ 
 why HHH? 
 it is because these are my favourite triple letters. . .

the first H: 
Harimi... which is my beloved father. dear ayoh, i know that you have faced a lot of hardship..that's why i always love u~ <3 <3
ayoh hensem kiut miut, ore sayee' oyoh sangat.. tenkiu deh sbb jago ma, abey, adek, atuk nga ore.
jgn sedeyhsedeyh.. ore akn jd supo hop ayoh nok... ok smile!
i love you. muahmuah~ jasamu kukenang

the second H:
Hamisah.. my favourite girl. the cutest, kindest, mom ever..
mama comey kiut miut, mesti la ore sayee' ma. ma kea hop sokmo jage ore.. slamo blaja di prantauan ni (prasey jauh, KL jah pom) ore rindu sopmo! sro nok plukpluk ciumcium jah.. wee~ i love u muahmuah...
rindu sup ayee' mama! heheh

the third H:
i think i want to make it as a secret for this moment.. can i?
no. i can't! to avoid others from making any assumptions.. the truth is~
this last H is refer to
husband yaa.. husband.. sounds ridiculous right. no i do not care ( sometimes i do care) huhu
this is my jersey. i paid for it.. so, i deserve it
i deserve for these three letters. . .  ngehngehngeh~~
<3 H <3 H <3 H

to conclude, no matter what happen, i love you maayahabeyadek.. and my beloved third H.
the most important is Allah.. thank you Allah for giving me such a happy family. i <3 u

and i love them because of you (Allah)..

dadadadaaaaa ^___^

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