Saturday, 21 July 2012

miss you

assalamualikum kawankawan :) ^ ^
i MISS you :'(
hmm i don't know how to say it...
today is the first RAMADHAN.
well, before this, i could BERPUASEE with both of you and also with my 2 cute little brothers and atok during Ramadhan
since that i am studying at Kirkby and the administrator will never approve for any request of the students that want to go home and celebrate the fasting month with their family, so. here am I, at my lovely hostel at Cyberia Cresent 1 at cyberjaya with my housemates.
it's really sad, break the fast without your beloved one besides you
now i know how it feels.
i miss every second of my time with them.
i'm totally homesick
i miss the way of my brothers calling my name
i miss the way my father babbling to me
i miss the way my mother calling me baby.. hehehe <3 u mummy muah3
i miss the way my grandfather recite the dua upon breaking the fast. he has problem with his ears. so when there is azan. he couldn't listen to it..
and he will recite such a very long doa.. until one of my brothers told him about it.
i really miss all of you..
i think i can do it. 
dear 17.08.2012, i will be waiting for you
i just can't wait to go home

one thing that i want to do is
i want to HUG all of you.

i LOVE you
and i really mean it..

happy RAMADHAN dear..
sampai jumpa! 

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