Tuesday, 24 April 2012

my hobbies

hi there :)

From my own dictionary. . i think that  hobby is an activity that we do during our leisure time and it can make ourselves satisfied with it. so, when i ask myself. what are my hobbies? i answered that i love to listen to song and it does makes me happy, i also enjoy singing,

 i love drawing especially cartoon and sometimes anime. next i also love eating

 especially junk food. . well it's delicious, and i can't stop myself from eating it. hehehe :) okay. where am i?
hahaha sorry. .  back to my hobbies. . okay. and i have this one activity that i love most.  
writing diary. :) 

in my diary i write everything that i like by using my own code writing. . it does make me satisfied and sometimes it release my stress.

moreover, in my diary. i also draw cartoon, keeps everything that i think it is valuable for me included the plastic of candies & cadbury. .   love cadbury so much much much much!!!

now, my Diary looks like scrapbook and the best part is. no one understands the writing. . .in it yeah!

just a song to share with all of you :)

to conclude,
sometimes our hobbies are the best way of us in expressing our emotion. .
do appreciate it 
dadadadadadadadaaaa :)

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  1. wahhhh....nilan pandai lukis....lukis la tuk sy gak...comel watak lawak kampus 2...sebijik..:)