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assalamualaikum kawankawan
Cadbury is awesome!!
It’s truly delicious. . yum yum yum
My favourite chocolate is Cadbury.  There are a lot of type of Cadbury for example, Cadbury milk, nuts, fruit & nuts, Cadbury bournville and others. For Cadbury bournville, there are different types also. .
For instance there are Rich Cocoa, Hazelnut, and Raisin & Nut.
Before that, let me tell you more about Chocolate, maybe just a little facts about the HIsTory of Chocolate. Yeah!

A very long time ago.  Cocoa trees grew wild in the jungle, and they used them to make a spicy, rather bitter drink for special occasions.
Gradually chocolate spread across Europe – it was the fashionable choice of Kings and Queens, the nobility and the rich.
 At the end of the 19th Century milk was added, and at last someone devised a way of making chocolate to eat as well as to drink.
So chocolate has been on an epic journey, but its popularity is enduring ok. .  hehe
How they make Cadbury??

Cadbury get their cocoa from Ghana in West Africa, where the main harvesting period is October to December.
When they’re ripe, the cocoa pods turn a rich golden colour. They’re cut down from the trees and split open, and the pulp and beans are removed from the outside husk.
The chocolate bean will be transported to the world’s most modern factories at 
chirk in north west.

First, the bean will be cleaned from any dust & stones.
Then, the bean will be roasted in the continuous roaster. And you can really smell the chocolate. .huh! heaven  ok!! :)
The roasted bean will be broken into small pieces  and only the nibs are left(the centre of the bean)
The nibs are ground between steel rollers until they become a chocolate-coloured liquid, rather like thick cream, over half of which is cocoa butter. Yummy!

The liquid is called ‘mass’ or ‘cocoa liquor’ and this is the basic ingredient for all cocoa and chocolate products.. . so ENJOY this video dear! :)
before that . my favourite is CADBURY FRUIT & NUTS . YEAH!!
dadadaaadadaa >.-

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