Monday, 23 April 2012

cute little things.. :)

aloha! haluu, helo.. ollo! :)

there is one cute little things that could really make my day. . and i just love to see it. it really attract me. . and sometimes it does distract me. . but it does make me happy. . cause it is toooooo ccuuuuuteeeee! yeahh!

 (AFRO)  well it's cute right. .
There are  lot of type of afro hairstyle and for your information, 
there is also the other types of afro called as jewfro .this kind of 
hairstyle usually worn by Ashkenazi for example  --------------------->

since that, currently i'm studying at KIC in Cyberjaya, there are a lot of foreigners that live here, so i keep bumping with those "afro guy". . hahahaha i just don't know how to say this . .  it's too cute. too cute.. tooo cuuuteeee....
(i mean their hair) hahaha it's unique and cool. .especially if it is worn by a guy. . . .
but it doesn't mean i'll fall in love with them hahaha no no no. .  >,- (maybe) hahaha
 just kidding just kidding. . .


 well, this video maybe out of the topic,. but i just want to share it with you. hahhaa enjoy!! :):)
thats all ok


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