Saturday, 21 April 2012

my bestfriends at KIRKBY dear :)

assalamualaikum <3
hey. it's me nilan. i just want to tell you about my life with my lovely friend in KIRKBY. . especially with my bestFRIEND
  1. my roomMate . her name is Siti Hajar Binti Hassan, i call her haJOE . . from terengganu, cute, beautiful girl, caring, she loves songs, happygolucky, independent, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and BEAUTIFUL. . YEAH!!

hajoe made this one. thank you hajoe . .  hehe :)
a real friend is hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to leave right! :)
this is our room 
isn't it cuuuuuteeeeee yea!!~

2. next, my bestfriend. . syumeylaaaa. . her name is Syumailah Danh Sapry,from Kelantan . i call her, syu, syu-mai-la, meksyu,mektok, and others. . she is hyperactive, sometimes overEnergetic or maybe ALWAYS hahaha. she loves cat, (me also), she is kind, cute, cute, cute and . . . cute. >,-

a real friends always going to be by your sides, even at times you tell them to leave :)

3. after that,my dearest Orangtue :) (don't be mad dear, or else your face will full of wrinkles) hehehe :), her full name is Arisah Aris, she is from Kelantan also, she is older than me :). . we're classmates. she is TALKATIVE, because in a day she just keep talking, talking, talking and talllkiiinnggg! hahaha . . but it's okay, i already get used of it hehe. . <3 u  >,-

friends are like walls, sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes its just enough to know they're there :)

lastly, there are some picture of my HouseMATE and Classmates yeeeha! enjoyyy

sayaaanng kamu :)

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