Tuesday, 24 April 2012

nasi lalap ngehehe :))

hi there 
my favourite food that i really want to eat is . .Nasi Lalap. .
it had been such a long time that i did not eat this food. .it's delicious. truly delicious. . yum yum yum.
before that take a look at this picture of 
nasi lalap. .yeahh!!!

 to make NASI LALAP, we just need three separate ingredients that is ingredients A, ingredients B and ingredients C for the chicken, sambal and also the vegetables

                                                   ingredients A (chicken)                                       
chicken drumstick
turmeric powder ( ½ teaspoons)
curry powder ( ½ teaspoons)
salt ( ¼ teaspoons)
the seasoning (Ajinomoto) (just a pinch)
egg (single )
cornflour ( 2 tablespoons)
kentucky flour (3-4 tablespoons)
how to cook it?
mix all of the ingredients together. heat the oil. and FRY !!!
So easssy

                                              ingredients B (sambal)                                                 
a few of basil leaf
Tomatoes (3-4 biji) fried it first
nutmeg ( ½)
shrimp paste ( ½ teaspoons)
garlic (1thinly sliced) 
red onoions (1 biji)thinly sliced
lagre onions ( ½  biji) sliced
tamarind juice
salt, ajinomoto, sugar
Cilipadi 10-12  (as you wish dear)

how to cook it?

  • pound the chillies with the salts, ajinomoto, sugar, nutmeg, and shrimp paste. then mashed it with fried tomatoes
  • heat the oil. then saute the red onions, garlics, and the large onions until it smells good. after that you can mix it with the pounded ingredients and stir.
  • pour in the tamarind juice. once it cooked, place it in a bowl and add a few of of basil leaves and mix it well.

                                       ingredients C (vegetables)                                            
a few of cabbages and  long beans (boiled)

to conclude, 
 eat the chicken, sambal, and vegetables with the white rice
 it will be so NICE. if you eat it while it is still HOT!!
hehehe ok that's all for now. . as usual. enjoy the photo. yeah!!

for more information. just click on this link --> http://myshorthand.blogspot.com/2012/01/resipi-nasi-lalap.html
dadadadadadadadaaaaaa :)

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